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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO: Leroy O'Bryant pulled up from San Antonio to race with us this weekend, and left Sunday with a pretty hefty check for the Super Pro win. Leroy was .028 on the tree and took the win with a one over 6.342 on a 6.33. Runner up Jaylen Johnston was a bit late off the line with a .048 and then broke out with a 4.793 under a 4.82 trying to make up the time. One more bit of info - this was Jaylen's FIRST TIME in the car. That's an impressive start.
13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: .L. J. Grissom got around Morris Hopkins in the Footbrake finel to take the class win. LJ finished up with a 6.60 over a 6.57 dial with a .051 light. Morris was a bit behind at the start with a .076 light and was closer to the dial at 6.64 over a 6.62 but not close enough to get there first. Missed it by .018, just that much.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Dacoda Webb took the win in Jr, defeating Bode Bennett on the last Jr pass. A 7.95 over a 7.91 with a .100 light was the set of today's winning numbers. The runner up numbers for Bode were 8.17 over a 8.13 with a .137 reaction time.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: John Michael Stevens doubled up in Street by taking another win on Sunday. JMS killed the tree with a .021 and finished 9.87 over a 9.82 dial to score the win. Runner up Tyler Brooks broke out with a 7.51 under a 7.53 dial. His .164 light wasn't any help on that deal either. Tyler is pictured with his brother Cody in the Jr Street Winner photo.
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET ELIMINATOR: Cody Brooks (Pictured with Street runner up Cody) got the win in Jr Street after crowd favorite Maddison Gossett went down in flames with a -.028 red light in the final. But wait - Maddison ran it out and clocked a dead on 11.28 with a 6 in the Fusion, and that was the only on-the-dial pass in any final round this Sunday. So there.

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