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Get the space eye view - Google Earth coordinates:  32d 28' 25.63"N, 99d 47' 40.59W
The exit ramp on West bound I-20 in front of the strip is marked as Shirley Road Exit 281.  The east bound entrance ramp just down from the track gate is also open - Exit 282.  There is a new exit on the west bound side of I-20 just past the Shirley road exit labeled 3438 / Dyess Exit 282.  You can take either Shirley or the exit for 3438.  From the east you will still have to go down to the 3438 bridge, cross over the bridge on 3438 to the south side of the highway, then turn left to get to the track.  Note that access roads are now ONE WAY - north of the Interstate runs west, south of the Interstate (in front of the track) runs east. 

From Abilene:
Take Ambler west to the Winters Freeway.  Turn right and enter 83 north, then exit I-20 west.  Loop around and go west to the 3438 / Dyess Exit exit.  Take access road to 3438 bridge, turn left, then left on south access road.

Take North 10th to Arnold, turn right to I-20 access road, then right again.

From South 277 area:
Take 277 to Capps. Watch for Rebecca Lane/Dub Wright Blvd overpass. Cross under, turn left (N). Stay on Dub Wright/Arnold Blvd/3438 to I-20 access road.  Turn right on the access road to track.