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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): Joe Nathan Martin took the win in Super Pro, putting together a .013 package to get it done. Nathan was .007 on the tree and went dead on 4.746 on a 4.74 dial. Runner Up Cory Beaty was .020 on the tree and then broke out, running 4.93 under a 4.95 dial.

LONGMIRE PLUMBING NOBOX/SPORTSMAN: Zach Kidd also used a better reaction time to take the win in NoE, getting the better of John Long Jr in the last round on Saturday. Zack numbers were .019 on the leave and he finished 5.48 over his 5.47 dial. John was dead on with a 2, 6.202 but his a .060 light put him pretty much behind all the way down track.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Keegan Acevedo took the win in Jr, another win by virtue of a better reaction time. Runner Up Caden Gree had the dial and went dead on 9.006 to a 9.00 but was a little late with his .210 light. Blinked, sneezed, starting an Instachat of the run - we're not sure. Keegan wasn't exactly lightning on the tree with a .166 but it was good enough to make an 8.932 over a 8.92 dial a winning package.

MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Shawn Ellison took the win in our bike class, thanks to a red light gimme by Don Hrometz. That round was over real quick.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Just to prove that reaction time isn't a guaranteed win, Doug New and Robert Schoemer put on a little demonstaration in the last round of Street. Robert killed Doug on the tree, going .014 against Dougs kinda soft .122. At the stripe, it'd robert standing on the brakes and still taking a break out loss of 12.09 under his 12.14 dial. Doug was safe on the right side, winning with a 8.29 over an 8.27 dial.

TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): There's a whole bunch going on here. Courtnee Dunn won her final in Jr, so when the Super Pro final rolled around, Mark Dunn was feeling all the pressure to make it a family double. Mike "Badslo" Badeaux Jr put a light on Mark with a killer .001 against Mark's .015 reaction but down track it was Mark dead on 4.79 with a 7 while Badslow used up his good light by breaking out 7.222 under a 7.24. Mike happens to work for Mark, so Mark will have to ask his employee what he thinks about all that. We were thinking maybe Courtnee was buying dinner but she said she was leaving for Paris - and not the one in Texas. Now there's a leap - from the drag strip in Abilene, Texas to the Eiffel Tower. Off oui go.

LONGMIRE PLUMBING NOBOX/SPORTSMAN: Matt Diamond handed over the win in NoE to Chad Sandlin, thanks to a -.015 red light. Chad was only .021 on the tree so he was ripe for the pickin'. Well, some might think so. It doesn't mean anything but both ran down the track and then sorta gave up because the race was over back there on the line - and ended up with Chad clocking 6.702 and Matt 6.703. Or maybe Matt was testing his dump and stripe taking technique.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Makenzie Hunt gets the final round Heartbreak Award for going -.0003 red against Courtnee Dunn. She would have needed one more zero to have a shot a Courtnee because Ms. Dunn put up a .024 package consisting of a .009 light and a dead on 8.01 with a 5.

MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Stacey Calder took the win in Motorcycle, giving Don Hrometz a double up runner up for the weekend. Stacey rode to a 6.12 over a 6.04 dial. Don was farther off, 6.64 over a 6.13. Might have been some technical complcations on that pass.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Robert Schoemer went from runner up on Saturday to winner on Sunday, defeating last years track champion Robby Bowermaster in the final. Robert was .052 on the start and 12.28 over a 12.21 dial for the win. Robby had a .092 light and was also over the dial, 8.45 against an 8.41 dial. Robert said he let up and the numbers say "almost too much!". Robert took the finish by only .014.
More pictures may be available at this raceabilene.com link.