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 5601 W. Stamford
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 Abilene, TX


TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): Cory Beaty and Jon Chamberlain faced off in the Super Pro final round, and the race was over in 1/10,000 of a second. Jon left first, dialed 5.71 against Cory's 4.89. Jon had the dial, running dead on 5.711, but a -.0001 red light handed the win over to Cory. Cory was -.007, so they were both in a big hurry to leave.
LONGMIRE PLUMBING NO-BOX/SPORTSMAN: And in another big hurry to leave final round, Madi Evilsizer got the better of Rodney Paige by leaving last. Rodney dialed 7.11, went -.007 red on the start. Madi dialed 6.92, -.0014 red for the win. Some days it just pays to be the faster car.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Makenzie Hunt tok the win in Jr, getting the better of John Michael Stevens in the last round. Makenzie was .032 on the tree and finished 7.69 over her 7.95 dial. John had a .054 light and ran under 7.975 against his 7.98 dial. The numbers may look soft, but she whop-whoped John in the lights and only got there .0003.
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Larry Zientek ran 5.55 over a 5.52 dial with a great .012 light to win the Motorcycle class. Shawn Ellison (pictured) was also off at 6.29 over a 6.26 dial with a .057 reaction time.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Robbie Bowermaster blows down the tree with a .015 light in the big truck, finishing 8.86 against an 8.33 dial. Jennifer Evilsizer ran off at 10.27 over a 9.69 dial, with a .259 reaction time. With those lights, Robby had about a quarter second advantage going down the track.
More pictures may be available at this raceabilene.com link.