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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO: In the Super Pro final, Mark Dunn and Willie Flores had nearly identical lights; .029 and .030 respectively. So that left the race to be decided at the finish line. Willie got there first, but unfortunately he got there .0023 too quick. 5.0577 under a 5.06, giving the win to Mark. Mark ran two over 4.87 on a 4.85 dial.

EXTRA SPECIAL MENTION DEPARTMENT: Courtnee Dunn graced us today with a personal and beautifully performed rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the opening of today's race. Courtnee has moved up from a Jr Dragster into a really sharp looking Super Pro dragster. She is pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy. We're not sure there isn't anything this lady can't do, actually. We are truly blessed to have her as part of our racing home team. Thank you Courtnee!

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: It was Deja Vu all over again in the Footbrake final, with Papa Benny running in the final against First Daughter JJ. And again, age and treachery beat out youth and exuberance, thanks to Benny killing the tree with a .006 , against JJ's .065. At the top end, Benny doubles up on weekend wins with a 5.73 over a 5.70 dial. JJ was closer at 6.02 over a 6.01 but handing Benny Gossett .060 on the line is like...well, you're just in the way at that point. JJ also double runnered up in Street so that's a double-double. Maddi Gossett continues to put everybody on notice with a double up win in Jr Street on only her second outing.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Ty Farmer can't catch a break, having to settle for runner up two days in a row. Gramem Rufenacht put the moves on Ty today, with a .031 reaction time and a 7.94 over a 7.90 dial. Ty was right there on the leave with a .036 light but finished up a bit too quick, running 8.05 under a 8.08 dial. Gramem is also celebrating 100 wins, which is a significant milestone.

MAX'S KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE: Shawn Ellison can't catch a break on the bike, going double runner up against Motorcycle class double up winner Don Hrometz to finish out the weekend. Don lit him up with a .017 against Shawn's .135, then Don took the win at 7.94 over a 7.90 dial. Shawn was 6.10 over a 6.08, but gave up too much at the start to close the gap.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: JJ Gossett can't catch a break in Street as she was put in runner up position again, this time by Robert Schoemer in the Chevy pickup. Robert earned the win with a quick .012 light and a dead on the dial 11.39 with a 5. JJ was .102 on the tree and the Hell Kitty was off nearly a tenth, finishing 8.14 over an 8.05.

BIG COUNTRY JR STREET ELIMINATOR: We're not kidding when we say Maddi Gossett is coming on strong. In the Jr Street Final, Maddi was .057 on the tree and ran the Ford to a dead on 11.69 with an 8 for her second win of the weekend. Graeme Rufenacht (pictured) was dialed 9.67 so he was leaving second, and when his turn came, went -.029 red to hand over the win.


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