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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO:  Tanner Thorp hit a great .017 light and was 4.69 dead on 6 for the win in Super Pro. Alan Bracey wasn't far off on reaction with a .026 light but ran a "one and a smidgen" breakout of 6.459 under his 6.47 dial.

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: We present to you the Gossett Family winner's circle. Benny and daughter JJ took over the track for the final round in Footbrake. No gimmies here for sure, so Benny had to earn his early Father's Day present. Benny left with a .016 light against JJ's .023. At the big end, it was Who's Your Daddy for the win at 5.71 over a 5.69. JJ was also two off with a 6.00 over her 5.98 dial. Margin at the finish line was a squeaker .008. JJ currently leads in Footbrake points with dad only one round behind her. Extending the Gossett racing dynasty is new racer Maddi Gossett, who was driving the white Ford in Jr. Street. First time out and she's the winner! And after the win, she didn't get out of the car and talk about it. She stayed in the car and took at least 10 more "time trials" while the rest of us were finishing the race. JJ is also represented here twice, taking runner up in Street in her daily driver Hellcat.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Carlie Tibbetts drove around Ty Farmer in the Jr final to claim the win. Carlie was .043 on the leave and probably whopp-whopped to a 7.96 over her 7.90 dial. Ty was closer to the dial with a 8.03 over his 8.00 but his "less than stellar" reaction time gave Carlie plenty of space to take the stripe and not break out..Also featured is Talon Farmer, runner up in Jr Street.

MAX'S KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE: The Don Hrometz coasted to the win in Motorcycle, using a great .003 light and finishing up 6.07 over a 6.01 dial. Runner up Shawn Ellison was 6.119 over his 6.10 dial, but was probably behind the whole way after snacking on a sammich and fries on the starting line.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Robby Bowermaster scored another win in Street, keeping the big diesel in the points lead. JJ and the Hellcat were close, clocking 8.16 on an 8.15 dial. Robby was .050 better than JJ on the tree, so he had room to go 8.33 on an 8.31 and take the win.
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET ELIMINATOR: Maddi Gossett, in her first time out racing, took the win in Jr Street over Talon Farmer. Maddi had the white Ford dialed right, running a close 11.70 on her 11.69 dial with a .145 light. Talon had a better .074 light but ran well off the dial with a 10.38 against the 10.26 on the window. Talon is pictured above with his broither in the Jr Dragster photo.
BIG COUNTRY PHOTO BOMB: Disrupting operations in .500 seconds

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