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 Anyone Can Race! 
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 5601 W. Stamford
 (I-20 East Access road)
 Abilene, TX


Parking Policy


ONLY paid race cars and tow vehicles allowed in the pits.  You should not have to park on the dirt because someone's personal vehicle took up a parking place.

NO saving places.  First come, first serve.

ALL cars with no tow vehicles must use the small spaces.  Open trailers and short trailers will park in the 12 x 60 spaces with race cars behind them.  Long trailers will park in the 18 x 60 spaces with the car beside the trailer.

ONLY trucks and trailers over 60 feet are allowed to park along the south (back) fence.

We have the ability to park approximately 175 cars on asphalt if everyone parks in the correct space.  If the business justifies it, we will add more paving.  Until that time, please help us make the most of what we have.  We don't want you to have to park on the dirt because someone else is taking up two spaces. 


 The Abilene Dragstrip