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Late night an multiple entries in the eliminators prevented capturing all the winner pictures
TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO: There are days with a .009 package in the final is a pretty sure payday. Well, not today. Philip Pennington laid down a .0029 package in his lane and just stomped all over Chad Branum's .009 total pass. Phillip went .0014 on the tree and finished only .0015 over his 4.93 dial. Chad hit a great .0069 light and was .0021 over his 5.18 dial.
13 SINS RACERAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: Jake Howard and The Fireturd started their evening with a win over Benny Gossett in the footbrake final. Jake went 6.61 over a 6.60 dial with a .007 light for the win. Benny went uncharacteristicly red with a -.033 and that was that.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Mallorie Stevens put down a take-no-prisoners final pass to win Jr Dragster. Mallorie went a quick .012 on the tree and finished one over 11.84 against her 11.83 dial. Courtney Dunn went -.007 red on her side of the tree, then doubled the pain with a 8.15 breakout under her 8.25 dial.

MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Brent Forsman scored the win in Motorcycle, using a better reaction time to get around Ryan Wulfjen in the final round. Brent rode to a 6.20 over his 6.15 dial and had a .039 light. Ryan has a slower .094 light and finished at 6.21 over his 6.12 dial. Brent and his family would like to dedicate his win to their friend Don Hrometz.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: The Street final round was a double red light special. Runner Up Tyler Brooks (pictured) left first with a -.070 red, followed by winner J.J. Gossett with a -.067 red light. Tyler did really well considering this was his fist try at a bracket race.

SUPER PRO SHOOTOUT: Justin Bromley killed the tree with a .002 reaction time and was one over 4.536 to win the Super Pro Shootout. Cory Beatty ran a pretty tight dead on 4.836 pass but was "only" .013 on the tree. The margin at the finish for Justin was a squeaker .0025.

PRO FOOTBRAKE SHOOTOUT: Chad Sandlin and Jake Howard in the Fireturd spilt the final money in the Footbrake Shootout. Picture for attention LOL.

Adult costume winners (upper left) were split between Tammy Chamberlain (picking up an Austin Coil vibe there) and Bern Beatty (kinda fuzzy about that one). Upper right is Gracen Whitman, taking the win in the youth costume category with her faithful rendition of a NHRA Wally. We're willing to be she never gets all that glitter out of her helmet. The Best Trailer award (left) went to the Pesch Family. They are quite a scary bunch as you can see.



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