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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO:  Jeff McClure had a great weekend, no doubt about that. After winning Super Pro on Saturday, and the Wally for King of the Track, here it is Sunday and he chalks up a double by winning Super Pro again. We all know who's buying dinner today. The car made up for the one over 5.08 on Saturday with a dead on 5.078 today. Jeff wasn't bad either as he left with a good .020 light. Runner up Mark Dunn had Jeff off the line with a better .010 light but ran too quick on top and broke out by .0075 under his 4.78 dial. No other excitement leading up to the final round was noted today.

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: The Footbrake final would have been a great race, if it wasn't for that pesky red bulb that tends to come on once in a while. JJ Cook got the win today, running dead on 5.602 and hitting a .032 light. LJ Grissom cut the exact opposite light by going -.031 red and then just to make sure he wasn't going to win ran 6.623 under his 6.63 dial.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER - JDRL RACE #2: Looking at the numbers here, we're thikning winner Jordan Suckow got away with one in this final round. Jordan finished up two over 7.97 against a 7.95 dial with a .052 light. Decent round, nothing spectacular. Runner up Mason Tuck killed on the tree with a .012 but cound not find the brake pedal and blew it out the back end with a 11.61 under a 11.72 dial. That's taking a bit of stripe.

MAX'S KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE: Shawn Ellison tried for a double up in motorcycle, but looks like track champion Don Hrometz put a hex on Shawn and it wasn't to be. What it was, was Shawn going -.005 red and Don leaving with a gentle .050 light. Don ran it out to a 5.97 over a 5.95 dial and Shawn finished 6.12 over a 6.09.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Jared Carpenter got to play spoiler today, in a way, forcing a runoff for the Street Champion between JJ Gossett and Robby Bowermaster. Well, you can't exactly blame Robby's -.002 red on Jared. However, Jared was out for the kill anyway because he was .002 green on his side of the tree. So if not for that dang red bulb, who knows what could have been. What we do know is that there was going to be a runoff to decide the championship.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR - CHAMPIONSHIP RUNOFF: Robby Bowermaster losing in the Street final put him and JJ Gossett in a tie for first in the Street points. Robbie went on to win the runoff and another track championship in Street. That's like 5 or so - "A Bunch" we'll call it. Robbie had a .015 reaction time and drove to a 8.28 over his 8.25 dial. JJ was a bit late with a .084 light and pushed the Hellcat hard, finishing 8.10 under her 8.18 dial.
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET ELIMINATOR: Trinitie Sandlin had a double up on Sunday, taking the win again in Jr Street. She was up against Cody Brooks, who made it to the final for a second time this weekend. Trinitie took no prisoners, killing the tree with a .018 - yes, in the dually - and running one over 9.87 on a 9.86 dial. Cody had to settle for runner up again, running 9.24 over a 9.18 with a .150 light.

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