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NHRA KING OF THE TRACK RUNOFF:  In the KOT runoff, Benny Gossett got off with the best light, but Jeff McClure had the dial for the win. Benny had a good .014 but the roadster ran off 3 with a 5.57 over a 5.54. Jeff was .031 on the leave but finished dead on 5.073 to win the wally!


TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO:   In the Super Pro final, a .009 beat a .027 to the stripe by just .007. That stuff makes people crazy when they talk to bracket racers. It's also what gave Jeff McClure the win over Dennis Lithgow. Jeff started off what a great .009 reation time and finished up 5.083 over his 5.07 dial. Not sure if the car ran over or if he was backing in, either way the light saved him. Dennis was only .027 on the tree but hit the finish dead on 4.6615, missing the win by only .007. That was a tight race, and the win set Jeff up for the Super Pro side of the King of the Track runoff. Now - how Dennis got the the final is quite a story in its self. Dennis ran Greg Biddison in Round 5 (quarters) and actually "technically" lost the race. He lost because he had to dodge the fiberglass door that blew off Greg's Mustang. So Greg ended up being disqualified for littering, or because at least part of his car crossed the center line. Wille Flores and Jeff were also in Round 5. Of the three winners, Dennis had the best reaction at .0024 of the round so he got the bye into the final. Jeff took out Wille in the semis and there we are. We'll also note there that Greg's Mustang ran dead on 5.846 even with the missing door.

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: So if you thought the Super Pro final was tight, check out the numbers in Footbrake. Benny Gossett went up against Sambo Tyra for the chance at the King of the Track runnoff and the Footbrake payout. Benny took the win with a dead on 5.548 and a .068 light. Sambo had a bit better .062 but was one over 5.717 to his 5.70 dial. Big numbers until you get to really ciphering it all down to find out Benny only got to the finish by .0031. Thats about 6 inches at 123 MPH.

BCRW JR DRAGSTER SHOOTOUT: We will use this space to thank our Jr Shootout sponors. Thanks to Longmire Plumbing, Precision Turf Management, Dunn Ignition Service and Supply, Platinum Collision and Jimmy Wenger. All told, they helped us get the payout for this Shootout up to $2250. Big Country was also very pleased to be able to offer a good paying Shootout for our Jrs, like we have been able to do for our bigger car classes. And, we hope to be able to do more of these in the future! Who got the Money - Talon Farmer won the shootout. hitting a good .039 light and running 4 over 7.94 to a 7.90 dial. Haleigh Eich was a bit behind at the start with a .060 light and ended up running too quick, breaking out with a 7.94 under her 7.96 dial.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER - JDRL RACE #1: This was over too quick thanks to a red light, but could have been another close finish. Cayden Keyes won the Saturday JDRL Challenge after Hunter McGary went a bitty bit -0.10 red. Both drivers ran it out and Cayden really had the dial as he finished 8.91 dead zero with a .074 light. Hunter ran 8.075 over an 8.06 dial, so just being a little bit green might have changed the outcome here.

MAX'S KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE: Shawn Ellison finally got to claim a win in Motorcycle, going 6.23 over a 6.13 dial with a .030 reaction time to win the class. Brent Forsman runnered up with a 8.53 over an 8.32 dial and a .043 reaction time.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: John Michael Stevens got the win here by killing the tree in the pickup, going .003 on the tree and getting the better end of a double breakout final round. John Michael was close on the dial, running one under 9.904 on a 9.91. Runner up Jared Carpenter finished way under with a 9.66 below his 9.81 dial, also with a .147 light. Now, think of all the hot shots listed on this whole page with their big motors and all the fancy electronics. Then note that the killer best light in all final rounds of this race came from some fuzzy face guy in a pickup truck.
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET ELIMINATOR: Here was another quick win thanks to a red light. Trinitie Sandlin got the win in Jr Street thanks to Cody Brooks leaving -.011 early on his side of the tree.

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