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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO:  Congratulations to 2021 Points winner Bern Beatty
13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE:  Congratulations to 2021 Points winner Benny Gossett
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Congratulations to 2021 Points winner Bode Bennett
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET: Congratulations to 2021 Points winner Maddi Gossett
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Congratulations to 2021 Points winner JJ Gossett Scherr

2021 Points Champions
Tom Thorp Transports Super Pro - Bern Beatty
13 Sins Racecraft Pro Footbrake - Benny Gossett
Max's Automotive Jr Dragster - Bode Bennett
Big Country Jr Street - Maddi Gossett
Big Country Street Eliminator - JJ Gossett Scherr


TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO:  Alan Bracey drove out a nice 6.19 dead on 6 with a .024 light to take the win in Super Pro. Looks like he just barely got away with it. Runner Up Mikel McQueen smacked the tree with a .005 light and broke out by a sneeze at - .0005 under his 4.94 dial.

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: Freddy Hillin claimed the win in Pro Footbrake, finishing 2 over 6.54 on a 6.52 dial. Freddy left with a .109 light, which is rather unusual for him. Runner up Todd Barber had a decent .050 light but finished way under at 7.23 on a 7.27, breaking out .04.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Slayte Urbanek won Jr Dragster, taking out Cooper Hopkins in the final round. Slayte left out with a .194 reaction time and finished about 5 over, 9.07 against his 9.03 dial. Cooper had a slightly better .188 light but finished way off the dial, ending up 9.011 over a 8.90 dial.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Tyler Brooks got the win in Street when runner up Helmer Long went -.015 red on his side of the tree. Tyler was ready for him anyway, killing the tree with a.004 light a driving the Mustang to a 8.01 over an 8.00. Helmer finished up 5 off with a 8.76 to his 8.72 dial in.
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET: Gracen Whitman played big spoiler today by taking out Ayden Johnson Gossett in the final of Jr Street. Maddie Gossett was the point leader but had only a one round lead on Ayden. Ayden would have tied up Maddie if he had won this final. But his -.016 red light put a quick stop to that. The red light handed the win to Gracen and it's a big maybe next season for Ayden.
BCRW SUPER PRO SHOOTOUT:  Mark Dunn just squeaked by Talon Farmer to win the Pro Shootout final. Mark and Talon both were killing the tree tonight. In the final, Mark was .009 and finished 4.7601 over a 4.75. Talon was dead on 4.7854 but was a little off with a .022 light. If the finish sounds close, you are correct - Mark only got there first by .0086. Fun Fact about these two - in the quarters with 5 cars left, Mark had one of those "frame the ticket" runs where he ran only .0001 off the dial with a .0006 light for a total package of .0007. That should be good enough for the bye, right? Nah. Talon hit a .0002 light same round for the bye. Mark did finally get his bye to the final with a .004. and a win in the quarters.
BCRW PRO FOOTBRAKE SHOOTOUT: Bill Simpkins was our winner in the Footbrake shootout thanks to a .015 light and a final ET of 6.43 dead zero. Runner up Cory Beatty left with a .051 and ran 6.83 over a 6.81 dial. Hard to get around a .015 package on any day.
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