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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO:  Justin Bromley and Jimmy Wenger shared in the Super Pro double break out final.  Justin had the better light, hitting a .004 to Jimmy’s .024 At the finish, it was Justin for the win by breaking out only .0004 under his 4.62 dial.  Jimmy crossed the stripe just a bit quicker, breaking out .0014 under his 4.79 dial in.

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: LJ Grissom and Benny Gossett were the last two standing in Footbrake.  Both drivers had been on point all day.  LJ got to leave first and was out a little soft with a .057 light.  Benny was hard after him, killing the tree with a .004 reaction time.  At the finish, Benny took the stripe and broke out .003 under his 5.62 dial.  LJ got the win, finishing up 7.66 over a 7.65 dial. 


BCRW SUPER PRO SHOOTOUT:  Eric Sandlin and Justin Bromley split the cash and decided to not run a final round.

BCRW PRO FOOTBRAKE SHOOTOUT: Dale Smith got the win in the Footbrake Shootout thanks to a bitty bit -0019 red by Darryl Sorey. Would have been a great round as Dale ran a 6.02 over a 6.00 and Darryl was 6.20 over a 6.19..

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Cole Chittum handed the win in Jr over to Talon Farmer by going -.033 red in the final. To make matters worse, Cole ran 8.903 dead on his 8.90 dial.  Talon ran it out with a 7.96 under a 7.98 dial. 

MAX'S KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE: Don Hrometz took the win in Motorcycle, coasting to a 6.16 over his 6.04 dial with a .044 reaction time. Runner Up Matt Call was closer to the dial with a 7.03 over his 7.00 but his .208 light put him some distance behind Don at the finish line.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: JJ Gossett scored the win in street, handing runner up honors to track champ Robby Bowermaster.  JJ was .073 on the tree and ran her dial 8.21 dead on 3.  Robby had an uncharacteristic pass, missing the tree with a .109 light and breaking out 8.34 under an 8.36.
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET ELIMINATOR: Maddi Gossett (pictured up with the Gossett clan in Footbrake) claimed another win in Jr Street, thanks to Brentt Spence going just a bitty bit red – like .0003 red.  Maddie is a force to be reckoned with running 11.78 dead 3 on her dial.  Brentt ran it out to a 9.40 over his 9.37.

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