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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): We wrapped up the day with two "got there by a nose" finishes. In the Super Pro final, Donny Evilsizer got the the stripe in just .0043 seconds in front of Cory Beatty. Donny ran a 6.284 over a 6.27 dial with a good .011 reaction time. Cory knocked over the tree with a .0046 light but finished two over 4.925 against a 4.90 dial. As noted, the margin at the stripe was a bitty (beatty?).0043.
13 SINS RACERAFT NO-BOX: Rick Pope got past last year's No Box track champ Benny Gossett in today's final round. Again, the reaction times played a huge role in the win because the margin of victory was small. Rick was .025 on the tree and ran two over 6.586 against a 6.56 dial. Benny ran dead on 5.746 but his .050 light caused him to finish a .0045 hair behind Pope. Missed it by that much. Benny is pictured with Ayden under Jr. Dragsters.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Austin Green and Ayden Gossett shared a double breakout final round, with Austin getting the better end of the race. The Green Machine started with a lazy .104 light and finished a hair under 7.994 below a 8.00 dial. Ayden had a much better .078 light but blew it out the back end with a way under 8.96 against his 9.03 dial. Maybe Ayden just didn't want to lift, or car just got really happy - could go either way.
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Bruce Siburt took the win in Motorcycle, using a killer .004 light to get around Chris Clawson in the final. Bruce finished, likely lifting, with a 5.96 over a 5.85 dial. Chris ended up 6.44 over a 6.36 dial with a .144 reaction time. This was Chris' last pass on the bike as he recently sold it. Good to park it in the winner's circle after that last ride.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: The Street final featured our usual suspects, with Robby Bowermaster squaring off against Robert Schoemer in the last lap. This week it was Robby taking the win, finshing 8.477 over his 8.46 dial. Robby started with an advantage on the line, leaving with a .042 light to Schoemer's .063. Robert's truck also didn't run the number and stopped the clocks at 11.84 over the 11.81 dial.
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