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ARP BOLTS SPORTSMAN: The Sportsman Final ended up being just a split without any final pass. Bobbby Knox and Scott McKinstry both had been hot lapping the trucks. Scott had just secured the 8.70 Index win and Bobby had just taken the win in the 6.70 Index class. Hot engines, hot tansmissions, hot racers - they just shook hands and called it good!
SCHAEFFER'S 8.70 INDEX: This class ran against a .500 Pro Tree. Scott McKinstry had a big .4 second lead out of the gate over Michael Parrarco thanks the the difference in reaction times. Scott was .194 out of the gate, against Michaels .554. Scott lifted to a 9.17 for the win. Michael was closer to the index with a 8.95 but could not close the gap he left on the starting line.
WM WELDING 7.70 INDEX: This class also ran with a .500 Pro Tree. Devin Ratliff had a great .057 light and finished with a 7.74, 4 over to take the win. Amalee Mueller finished only one over at 7.71 but with her light being a .130, Devin had a bit of a lead all the way down track. Still it was close, Devin only got there by .046.
SOCIAL DIESEL 6.70 INDEX: This class was another .500 Pro Tree class. Bobby Knox had the best light in any of the finals, going .0513 on the pro leave on his way to the win. Neal Driedger wasn't far behind with a .096 but finihsed 7.07 over the index. Bobby was 6.79 to score the win light, likely lifting right in the MPH box to avoid a break out.
A-STAR DIESEL 5.90 INDEX: The 5.90 class ran against a .400 Pro Tree. Mindy Jackon and Jimmy Sullivan were the only two in the class so first round was also the final. Mindy took the win with a great .0519 light and a quick 6.07 pass. Jimmy was .140 on the start and crossed the finish with a 6.76.
VAILAIR OUTLAW CLASS: Outlaw Class runs heads up, no breakout against a .400 Pro Tree. Nate Oku was .120 on he tree and finished 6.05 to take the class win. Wade Minter only managed a 7.80 to take the runner up spot..

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