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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO:  Kris Pope in the winning ticket printing Beatty Special dragster managed to get around a superior reaction time by opponent Maxey Chittum to score the win in Super Pro. Maxey was out first on a 5.52 dial and hammered the tree with a .002 light. But the truck didn't make the number, only running 5.56. Kris left with a 4.90 dial and a good .012 light and finished up one over 4.91 for the win. If Kris hasn't already bought that dragster, he probably should have as they are just going to want more money for it now.

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: Cory Beatty in a footbrake car and Kris Pope in a dragster - Now that's different. And Cory was on a roll until he met up with the footbrake master Benny Gossett in the Pro final round. Cory got to go first with a 6.89 on the window and let loose with a .042 reaction time. Benny dialed 5.71 and came out on a tear with a .018 light. At the finish it was a double breakout with both drivers going one under and the win going to Benny. We had to go to the 4th digit on the ticket to see that Benny got the win by breaking out just .0003 less than Cory. Benny final number was 5.7034 and Cory's was 6.8831. Cory is pictured with Kris Pope above in the Super Pro win.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Maddie Gossett got the win real quick in Jr Dragster, thanks to Bode Bennett going -.0021 red on the start. Thats all there was to that.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Helmer Long used a good reaction time and a one over the dial finish to take the win in Street. Helmer was .021 on the start and posted a 8.79 over his 8.78 dial. JJ Gossett Scherr had a very uncharacteristic .196 light and finished 8.24 over an 8.19 to settle for runner up status.
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET: Gracen Whitman and Mason Rutledge (pictured) finished Jr Street with a double breakout round. Gracen broke out less, so she was declared the winner. Gracen finished 11.506 under her 11.58 for the win. Mason also broke out with a 8, his finish being 9.6631 under a 9.74 dial. Add it up and Mason got there just .0029 too quick.
BCRW SUPER PRO SHOOTOUT:  Talon Farmer finished one over 4.80 to a 4.79 and the win in the Super Pro Shootout. Jim Calloway crossed the stripe just a hair too quick, running .003 under his 5.00 dial for a breakout loss. Reaction times were close with Taylon hitting a .013 and Jim leaving with a .019.
BCRW PRO FOOTBRAKE SHOOTOUT: Jon Upchurch handed the Footbrake Shootout win over to Preston Scherr when he went -.025 red on the start. Without the red light it could have been different. Jon ran it out to a 7.11 dead on 3. But that's how it goes al lot of times - go red, run the dial. Figures.

TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO: In the Super Pro final, Bern Beatty killed the tree with a .003 reaction while the tree killed Talon Farmer with a -002 red light. And that was that. Bern won every round she ran on Sunday. To be fair so did Talon, except the last one.

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: Benny Gossett scored a double up weekend win in Footbrake. The numbers seem to indicate that runner up Trinitie Sandlin may have had a real shot at the win. Benny finished 5.92 over a 5.88 with a great .013 light. Trinitie was right there with Benny, leaving with a .017. At the stripe, Trinitie broke out by a tiny -.004, clocking 6.6660 on a 6.67 dial.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: The Jr final was another red light one and done final round. Mason Tuck was the first to leave. but his -.020 killed his chance right out of the gate. Could have been a good round without that red. Grant ran 7.91 on a 7.90 while Mason ran 8.932 under his 8.94.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: The Street final was the third Sunday final decided by a red light. JJ Gossett Scherr left first with a good .036 light and finished two over 8.17 to her 8.15 dial. Joe Ed Boaz was second out of the gate but left -.014 too early.
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET: Madie Gossett added to the Gosset win collection by taking the win on Sunday in Jr. Street. Maddi runs in both Jr Dragster and Jr Street and is always a threat in both. If you're keeping score for the weekend, that's 5 wins and a single runner up for the Gossett clan. Mason Rutledge has the honor of being our weekend double up runner up in Jr Street. Maddi left with a .075 light and clocked 11.66 iover a 11.59 dial for the win. Mason left with a .132 and broke out big, running 9.77 way under his 9.85 on the window.
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