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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO:  Tony Farmer and Mikey Callaway took off with nearly identical lights.  Tony was a little better with a .021 against Mikey’s .024.  At the finish line Tony was definitely better, running dead on 6.565. Mikey was two over 4.96 on his 4.94 dial. 

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: Sambo Tyra got handed the win in Footbrake, thanks to Freddy Hillin leaving on a -.0013 red light.  Both cars legged it out and the numbers say it likely would have been won or lost on the line anyway.  Sambo finished up with a 5.745 under a 5.75 and Freddy finished at 6.557 under a 6.56..

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Nicole Dickson took the win in Jrs, getting the better of Cayden Keyes in the last round.  Cayden had the better .033 light to Nicole’s .067.  But Nicole left no room for error at the stripe, running dead zero 7.940.  Cayden’s 8.95 over an 8.91 dial used up too much of that starting line advantage.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: JJ Gossett Scherr won Street just as quick as Chris Kelly could go -.011 red on the start.  Could have been different as the Big Red Truck ran 10.678 on a 10.68 dial against JJs 8.19 over a 8.13 dial.
BCRW SUPER PRO SHOOTOUT:  Jimmy Wenger put together an 8 package for the win in the Super Pro Shootout. Jimmy was .0076 on the tree and at the stripe finished with a 4.77 dead 0 and a 1 in there just to make 4 digits. Bryan Bennet had a decent .018 light and was one over 4.67 to a 4.66 dial. Bryan had to settle for runner up status as Jimmy didn't leave much room in the first place,
BCRW PRO FOOTBRAKE SHOOTOUT: The Footbrake Shootout final was another "If only that one had gone all the way to the top end" kind of round. Aaron Cadena took the win, going .019 on the tree and stopping the clocks with a 5.99 dead 3. Benny Gossett went -.0005 "dang it that's just pink" and was 5.935 under his 5.94 dial. Nobody was holding anything back on that round.

TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO: We'll just run the numbers out here, then wow you with the Margin of Victory at the end. Justin Bromley scored the Super Pro win, hitting a great .006 reaction time and finishing up 4.76, two over his 4.74 dial. Mikey Callaway was closer to the dial with a one over 4.98 but only managed a .019 light. Math all that together and you find out that Justin squeezed out the win by only .0013.

13 SINS RACECRAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: Jason McFarland got the win in Footbrake, thanks mostly to Freddy Hillin taking the stripe first and breaking out. Jason went .063 on the tree and was 6 over the dial at 6.46. Freddy had him on the start with a .030 light but took a little - OK, way too much - stripe and ended up two under 6.57 to a 6.59 dial. That makes Freddy our weekend double up runner up.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Jace Head used his good .021 light to control the final and take the win in Jrs. Jace crossed the finish line with a wop-wop 8.07 over his 7.99 dial. Runner Up Slayte Urbanek left late with a .134 reaction and broke out 9.078 on a 9.08 trying to close that reaction time gap.

BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: JJ Gossett Scherr doubled up with a Sunday win in Street. JJ was .048 on the tree in the Hellcat and coasted a bit to a 8.38 over her 8.22 dial. Runner Up Terry Wright ran 9.50 over his 9.48 dial but his .230 light gave JJ all the room she needed to ease across the finish line first.

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