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JUNE 15 & 16 2019 - POINTS RACES #7 & #8
TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO: Chad Sandlin and John Alonzo III lined up for the final round in Super Pro. Chad was dialed 6.46 and was out first with a .018 reaction time. John dialed 6.00 and was right behind him with a better .012 light. Sadly, about 30' out from the starting line, John's drive shaft let go and he was dead in the water. That explains the "It Broke" display of hands in the picture. Chad looked around at the top end and wisely killed a bunch of ET and got the win light.
13 SINS RACERAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: Benny Gossett scored the win in Pro Footbrake, mostly thanks to Aaron Cadena's -.023 red light. Benny had a good .019 light and ran 5.56 over his 5.51 dial. Aaron ran it out after the red and, of course, went dead on 5.904.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: The Jr final was all about who got closer to the dial. Carlie Tibbetts took the win, clocking 8.20 over her 8.18 dial. Grant Chittum had a way better .021 light but was also way farther off his 7.98 dial and finished 8.08
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Don Hrometz got past Bruce Siburt to win the Motorcycle final round. Don had the better light with a .077 against Bruce's .110. Don also kept it closer to the dial and was only one over at 6.02 against his 6.01 dial. Bruce finished up 5.91 over a 5.89.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Doug New won Street, beating out Kody Gresham on the last pass. Doug was .145 on the tree and finished a close 8.22 over his 8.20 dial for the win. As with several finals today, the runner up had the better light. Kody left with a good .064 light but finished farther off the dial at 8.36 over an 8.25.
TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO: Rain forced a split with 4 cars remaining.
13 SINS RACERAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: L.J. Grissom had a doubly good day, winning both Footbrake in the dragin' wagon and Jr Dragster in, well, in the Jr. In Footbrake, L.J. put the whoop on Sambo Trya in the final pass. L.J. killed the tree with a .008 while Sambo killed his chance at anything but runner up by going -.003 red. On Saturday, Sambo broke the trans in his Screamin' Yellow Yenko so he borrowed Cade Humphrey's Nova for the day. Pretty good day for driving a Rent-A-Racer.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: L.J. Grissom and Dacoda Webb rolled up to the tree in the final round with identical 7.90s on the cars. Dacoda left first, unfortunately just a hair too quickly. You can call it a red light, but -.0007 is nearly pink. L.J. was handed his first win of the day. He went on to win in Pro Footbrake.
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Here's another final decided by a red light. Don Hrometz got his second win of the weekend after Frankie Berry went big red in the final. It was really red, no denying.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Casey Chittum came out on the good end of a double breakout final round against Ken Wishhowski. Casey went .124 on the tree and finished 10.21 under his 10.28 dial. Ken was .187 on the tree and also ran under at 10.03 against a 10.10 dial. Good weekend for the Chiitums as Grant runnered up in Jr on Saturday. There was some hollering in the staging lanes of the like "Hey Grant, if your dad wins Street we're gonna cut your hair!" Well, Dad won but lucky for Grant no one showed up with scissors.

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