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We apologize up front that we were not able to get everyone's picture. We really like to get winners and runner up in every bracket - pass the word and thanks!
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EVATT TITLE COMPANY STREET MUSCLE: Jimmy Blackwell took the win in Street, mainly thanks to Scott Striegel leaving just -.003 too early on his side of the tree.
PROFESSIONAL WELDING SUPER MUSCLE: Robert Schoemer won Super Muscle, getting the better end of a double breakout final round. Robert had a .104 light and finished up 8.57 under his 8.59 dial. Runner up Craig Holmes had a .189 light and ran nearly a ful tenth under, ending up 8.73 down from his 8.82 dial.
ATHENS BOWLING CENTER KING MUSCLE: Zackery Gallardo got past John Roach in the final round of King. Zackery had a .174 light and finished 3 over 8.15 to a 8.12 dial. John started with a better .158 light but was 8 over the dial, stopping the clocks at 8.38 over his 8.30.
TEXAS TRAILER MAN PRO MUSCLE: Jim Dupree won Pro at the finish line when Tyler Mancuso broke out by just a hair. Hair being .0019. Jim had a .057 light and ran 7.03 over his 7.00 dial in for the win. Tyler had a better .044 light buth there's that nasty 7.7481 under a 7.75 dial. One more whop at the stripe might have changed all that.
CORVETTE CORNER OUTLAW MUSCLE: The Outlaw final was kind of a blow out, thanks to the lights. Kenny Bradley left with a .207 light and coasted to a 7.31 over a 6.88. We suspect "coasted' because runner up Dennis Davenport only managed a .648 light and finished way over his 7.67 dial with a 7.75.
DIESEL POWER SERVICES / ROCKIN K EQUIPMENT SUPER PRO MUSCLE: Robbie Martin got the win in Super Pro Muscle thanks to a -.048 red light by runner up Brian Thomas.
DONE RIGHT AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRONICS: Bobby Moffett hit a .021 light and ran dead on 6.158 to win Electronics. Chuck Wier was .029 on the tree and ran under his 6.68 dial with a 6.66 finish.
CASH BRACKET: Sambo Tyra (pictured) and Robbie Martin split the Cash Bracket money and called it good.
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