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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO:  Colton Wheeler and Brent Lancaster had to take it all the way to the top end for a decision in the Super Pro final. Both drivers left with nearly identical .006 reaction times.Colton had a .0067 to Brent's .0061. After that kind of start, it's all about who runs the number. Colton ran the number this round, finishing +4 dead on the dial 4.634. Remember that Brent had .0006 advantage (hah) off the line? At the finish line, he ran just a little bit too quick, breaking out -.0007 on his 5.57 dial. Thats only about .005 something between the two at the stripe.

13 SINS RACERAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: The Footbrake final went down almost the same as Super. JJ Gossett left with a .033 light, against John Long's .031. JJ ran the number for the win, ending the run dead on plus 8 with a 5.938. John had .002 on the lights, but ran a hair slow with a 6.429 over his 6.41 dial . Looks like John was only about .008 behind at the finish line.

MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER - AND JR STREET: We're combining the two finals here because it involved the same two hotshots. In the Jr final, Talon Farmer ran his number with a 9, finishing 8.019 with a .045 light. Gramem Rufemacht killed Talon on the tree, leaving with a .016 light. At the finish, looks like Gramem took a bit much stripe and broke out by running 7.88 under his 7.90 dial. In the Jr Street final, Gramem got his win, hitting a great .022 light while Talon was -.119 red. Not sure what bulb was used for that early leave.

MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: The Motorcycle final was over real quick, after Shawn Ellison went -.007 pinkish-red on his side of the tree. Casy Baughn got the win from that little error. Casey finished 6.60 with a 9 on a 6.60 dial, so even with Casey's .063 light Shawn would have had to work for it.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Robby Bowermaster started off his 2020 season with a win in Street, getting past Neto Vargas in the final round. Robby had a .032 reation time and finished 8.47 over his 8.39 dial. Neto went .109 on the tree and finished .1 over, 8.70 above his 8.60 dial.
BIG COUNTRY JR STREET ELIMINATOR: See the Jr Dragster write up.

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