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MAY 12, 20192

JR DRAGSTER ALL RUN: Braden Bettis and Graeme Rufenacht staged for an head up 7.90 dial final in the All Run. Braden took the win, using a .042 light to Graeme's .062 to make the difference at the finish line. Both drivers ran 3 off at 7.93. This race was won right on the starting line.

JR TROPHY: Caden Keyes caught a break from the final ETs in the race that gave him the win over Holden Pavlock. Holden was .0007 on the tree where Caden was a mere .042. Killer advantage right off to Holden. Both racers ended up way over the dials. Caden got the win by just being there first and not as far off. Caden finsihed at 12.01 over his 11.90 dial. Holden ended up 12.23 over an 11.92 dial. Some fun backstory on Hayden's car - it was his brother's race car and his brother ran it since he was 8 years old. His parents then sold the car. When Holden wanted to start racing, he hunted the car down and bought it back. Today on All In The Family.

JR BEGINNERS 7-9 YR OLD: Mallorie Stevens put the whoop on Pasiley Hale in the final round of Beginners. The Whoop came in the form of a .006 light vs Paisley's .186. Mallorie dumped to a winning 12.16 over her 11.92 dial. Pasiley also ran slow by about a tenth, finishing 13.66 over her 12.60. For even more fun, how about this being Pasiley's first race and first final round. Sure, she ran into a buzzsaw in the final, but still. It gets better - Paisley and Mallorie are cousins and they ran each other three times today, in different classes. We were told the final count on that was Mallorie two wins and Paisley won once.
JR ADVANCED 10-12 YR OLD: Camron Nelson II took the win in Advanced, beating Hayden Pennington to the stripe by a mere .006. Cameron had a .080 reaction time and ended up 8.999 over his 8.95 dial. Hayden dialed 8.96, had a better .057 light but ran a bit farther off dial at 9.038.
JR MASTERS 12-17 YR OLD: Hayden Trumble scored the win over runner up Graeme Rufenacht after Graeme went just a bitty bit red on the start. A tear inducing -.0009 red. Just a hair pink even.
330 OUTLAW: Sorry, we didn't find the final round data for 330 in our printout. Jace Head took the win in Outlaw 330. Micah Gobert was the 330 runner up.

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