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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): So the numbers off the time slips for this final were just nuts. Lets do the easy part first - Nathan Martin won the round and Chad Sandlin was runner up. Now for the numbers - Nathan was .0029 on the tree and dead on + .0062 for a .0091 total package and the win. Chad was .0099 on the tree and broke out -0.0007 for a technical .0092 package. Except for that pesky break out thing. Looks like Nathan's tire got there 0.0001 in front of Chad. That's just too much math for a Sunday. Don't thnk that Chad went away sad, see the No Box final.
13 SINS RACECRAFT NO-BOX: Buy Rick Pope some shoes because he's wore his out kicking himself. In this final round, Chad Sandlin was .055 on the tree and ripe for the taking with a good light. Rick's light was not so good at -.03 red so that was all there was to that..
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Jace Head scored his second win in a row, getting past Keegan Acevedo in the final to win the round. Jace had a good .035 light and finished 7.92 over a 7.90 dial. Keegan was a bit late with a .121 light and if that wasn't enough, broke out 7.92 under his 7.95.
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: It has been a long time since Bruce Siburt claimed a win in the Motorcycle class - well, he broke the drought today. Don Hrometz took runner up honors. Bruce had a good .020 light and ended up 5.88 over a 5.82 dial. Don had a way soft .097 reaction that gave Bruce enough room to back out at the end. Don finished closer to the dial at 5.92 over a 5.91 but it wasn't enough to make up the starting line difference. The numbers sound kind of big, but when Bruce backed off he only took the finish by about 3 feet or so.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Robert Schoemer won in Street, beating out Devin Belluomini in the final. Robert had a .073 light and ran 11.55 over his 11.43 dial for the win. Devin finished 8.68 over his 8.58 dial with a .121 reaction time. In an act of gaciousness that typified many of our feelings today, Robert and Devin split the Street final purse and both donated their winnings to Jon Blackshear's fund. We can report this one thing for sure, and we know there were many others that pitched in.
In memory of Jon Blackshear - thanks to everyone that made a donation for the family.
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