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 Abilene, TX

TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): Joe Peters squeaked out the win in Super Pro, defeating Jimmy Queen in the final round. Joe was .010 on the tree and ran a close 4.92 over his 4.90 dial. Jimmy had a better .005 light but the truck didn't make the number, falling off to a 6.25 on a 6.22 dial. It was still close - Margin of Victory figures to .0071.
LONGMIRE PLUMBING NOBOX/SPORTSMAN: Bill Simpkins and Morris Hopkins had been killing it all day and didn't let off any in the final round of NoBox. We'll call BIll the lucky one and the numbers tell why - Bill had a decent .045 light and ran 6.269 over a 6.25 dial. Morris was 6.93 dead on with a 5, but lit up the red bulb on his leave with a -.0019 reacion time. Bill went 7 rounds without a miss. Sorry Bill, had to use the photo bomb pic - the other one didn't come out.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: It was an all Green final round in the Jr Class. Both Green's had green lights, Caden with the better .042 and Auston with a slower .063. Austin Green took the win, running a close 8.00 over a 7.98 dial. Caden missed his 8.892 dial with a 8.99 finish. Austin went 6 straight rounds to earn his win. As you'll see down the page, Austin wasn't anywhere near done for the weekend.
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Jeramy Tally killed the tree with a .002 reaction time and finished 6.11 over a 5.99 dial to take the win in Motorcycle. Harry Gobel finshed up second. Harry had a good .014 light but the bike ran way off the number, 6.54 against a 6.33 dial.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: This was a quick finish - Kim Dempsey got the win in Street thanks to Robert Schoemer's red light start. Done and done.
TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): Kevin Thorp and Todd Leatherwood survived 7 rounds upchecked to make it to the final in Super Pro. Todd had the light with a great .009 but was over the dial a bit too much and finished 4.91 on a 4.89 for runner up. Kevin took the win with a 4.61 over a 4.60 dial with an also good .014 reaction time. The 4.61 pass allowed Kevin to take the finish line first by exactly .005. seconds.
LONGMIRE PLUMBING NOBOX/SPORTSMAN: Benny Gossett and John Long Jr. made it 6 rounds in NoBox without fail, to finally square off in the last round. John ran a great 6.18 dial on with a 5, but only managed an .083 light. Benny was 5.53 on a 5.51 dial and his .046 light gave him just enough room to take the stripe in front of John.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: It's Deja Vu, all over again for Austin Green. Austin took the win to make it a double up weekend, taking out Talon Farmer on the last Jr pass. Austin was on it, hitting thee tree with a .011 and finishing 8.07 over an 8.00 dial. Talon was closer to the dial at 7.98 over a 7.95, but missed the tree with a .112 light and cound not make up the difference. Austin won 11 of his 12 total rounds this weekend.
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Another quick one in Motorcycle, except quick as in over on the start. Mike Rodgers went red, Donnie Oliver takes the win. That's all there is to that.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Robby Bowermaster scores another Street win, getting a break from runner Up Theresa Dempsey in the final. Robbie went .061 on the start and finished 8.38 over his 8.36 dial. Theresa (who celebrated a birthday on Saturday!) had a better .048 light but ran a hair too fast, breaking out with a 7.691 under a 7.70 dial.
More pictures may be available at this raceabilene.com link.