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STOCK MUSCLE: The Stock final was over at the tree - Brandon Hamilton left first and got a "pink" -.008 red light, handing the win to Michael Berace. Who also went red, but -.054 red,
STREET MUSCLE: John Dutton killed the tree with a .009 light and lifted to a 9.06 over a 8.96 dial. Runner Up Jackl Warbus was closer to the dial at 9.41 over a 9.36 but his .102 light gave John plenty of room at the finish to take the stripe first.
SUPER MUSCLE: David Huffman scored the win in Super Muscle thanks to Graig Holmes going a bitty bit -.004 red.
KING MUSCLE: Chris Kelly ran 8.25 over an 8.19 dial to take the win in King. Ray Bodersteiner finished second wth a 8.32 over his 8.27.
PRO MUSCLE: Clint Goolsbay got the win over Jeromy Trask in the Pro final round. Clint finished 7.48 over a 7.35 dial. Jeromy was 7.19 against a 7.11.
OUTLAW MUSCLE: In Outlaw, Robert Bloom went red on the start, giving the win over to Lynn Heady.
SUPER PRO MUSCLE: This was another double red final. Jim Baugham was first to leave and did so early by -.013. That gave the win to Michael Rhea who celebrated by leaving -.002 early. You see that right, the Elco was carrying a 5.84 dial.
ELECTRONICS: Martin Wright earned the win in the Electronics class, getting by Bill Glover in the final round. Marting was .011 on the tree and finsihed 6.01 over a 5.89. Bill had a great .004 light but ran way off the dial at 6,82 over the 6.67 on the window.
More pictures may be available at this raceabilene.com link.