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JR 7.90 INDEX - .500 PRO TREE: Reilly Garceau got the better of Jace Head in a double breakout finish for the 7.90 index class.  Reilly was .066 on the tree and ended up 2 under at 7.8835 for the win.  Jace killed the tree with a .018 reaction time but got there a hair too quick, finishing under an extra .0043 at 7.8792.
JR 8.90 INDEX - .500 PRO TREE: Cayden Keyes took the 8.90 win with a 8.95 final round coupled with a good .047 reaction time.  Runner up Taylor Freeman hit the same 8.95 number but his .114 light put him too far behind at the finish line.
JR 11.90/13.90 COMBINED INDEX - .500 PRO TREE: It was family time in the 11.90/13.90 final round.  Cheyenne Flowers (L) lined up across from brother Ryker Flowers in a contest for family bragging rights.  Cheyenne took the win thanks to a .116 light and a 12.16 over her 11.90 index.  Ryker ran a real close 13.91 on his 13.90 index but was way off the tree with a .481 and just could not catch up.
JR QUICK 16 330 - .400 PRO TREE: Bode Bennett won the Quick 330, taking out Maddie Smith in the final.  Bode was .80 on the tree and finished up at 4.72 over a 4.69 dial.  Maddie was only a little slower on the start with a .094 light and was 7 off the dial at the end, running 4.80 over a 4.73.
JR BRACKET 330: Colton Farley rolled deep and smacked the tree with a .004 light, then went on to take the win with a 5.58 over a 5.54 dial.  Runner up Addison Rogers ran one over 5.51 to her 5.50 dial.  She was a bit late on the leave and even on the dial would not have been enough to cover Colton’s advantage on the starting line.

JR TROPHY: Ryker Flowers made up for that 11.90 deal with his sister by grabbing the win in Trophy.  Ryker was .101 on the tree and ran 14.07 over a 13.94 dial.  Runner up honors went to Gage Daspit.  Gage broke out, running 11.80 under his 12.00 dial.

FRIDAY JR GAMBLERS: Kane Kern took the win in the Friday Gamblers race, thanks to a 3 under breakout by Bode Bennett.  It was a race on the starting line, with Kane leaving first and going .013 on the tree.  Bode was next out with a killer .006 light.  Kane got the win with a one over 8.03 against his 8.02 dial.  Bode ran it out the back to finish 7.89 under his 7.92.

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