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We apologize up front that we were not able to get everyone's picture.
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STREET MUSCLE: Randy Hall took the win in Street, getting around last year's winner Jack Warbus in the final. Randy finished 10.87 over a 10.58 dial with a .084 reaction time. Jack was also over the dial with a 9.69 against a 9.35 but only managed a .234 light.
SUPER MUSCLE: Robert Schoemer used a good .064 light and drove a 8.47 over an 8.43 dial to "Beat the Heat" and score the win in Super. Runner up Rodney Nevils was 8.55 over a 8.52 dial with a bit slower .085 light.
KING MUSCLE: Cody Leslie put a total smack down on runner up Chris Kelly to win King. For reference, Chris was .041 on the tree and ran 7.70 over a 7.65 dial. Didn't matter much and here's why - Cody hit a killer .0012 light and finished dead on 0.03. That's 7.9203 on a 7.92 dial to for a total .0015 package. Yea, get ya some of that. No way for Chris to squeeze in there.
PRO MUSCLE: Brian Thomas got the win in Pro by running just a bit closer to the dial than runner up Jim Dupree. Both drivers left with idential .013 reaction times. That left the finish line to decide the race. Brian was 4 over 7.29 against a 7.25 dial. Jim finished up 7.06 over a 7.00, barely .02 behind at the stripe.
OUTLAW MUSCLE: Kris Pope put a light on Sambo Trya and held it all the way to the finish to score the Outlaw win. Kris ran 6.09 over a 6.06 dial and had a great .012 light. Sambo was only two off at 5.73 over a 5.71 dial but only managed a .050 light. That was plenty of space for Kris to drive the finish line.
SUPER PRO MUSCLE: Michael Stone hit a .055 light and drove a 6.54 over a 6.46 dial to win Super Pro Muscle. Mark Klinger had a late .154 light and broke out with a 6.55 under a 6.57 trying to make up for being a bit behind.
ELECTRONICS: Brent Lancaster won Electronics here last year, and did it again in 2019. Brent had a good .029 light and finished 5.61 over a 5.60 dial for the win. Kelly Brown smaked the tree with a .008 light but ran well off, ending up 5.93 over a 5.88 dial.
Cash Race: Ricky Pope split the final with Sambo Tyra. Both had been running two classes and decided to just divvy up the cash and cool the cars.
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