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Good Guy Challenge Race #1
TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): Bob Chance of Odessa met up with the Little White Wagon driven by Billy Simpson from Kennedale for the final round in Super Pro. Bob caught two breaks for the win - a great .004 reaction time and Billy running .005 under his dial. Bob finished 4.72 over a 4.63 for the win, Billy finished 7.075 under a 7.08.with a .017 light.
LONGMIRE PLUMBING NO-BOX/SPORTSMAN: Mike Thorp of Knockerbocker and Noah Rubabado from Crosbyton ended up as the final two in No Box. This one was all over on the line, with Noah being done in by a -.008 red light. Mike was so happy about it he was .-038 red. Good thing we're still on first red loses instead of first or worst. Noah's picture includes three generations - Grandfather, father and son.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Cohen Lakey defeated Jace Head in the last round of Jrs. Cohen was a bit slower on the lights with a .077 against Jace's good .038. On the big end where the final decision is handed down, Cohen was closer to the dial at 11.73 over an 11.66. Jace finished up 8.01 over a 7.90. Those numbers might sound a bit lackadaisical until you add them up and figure out that Cohen got the win light by only .0003 seconds.
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Larry Zientek (right) took the win over Mike Rogers in the Motorcycle final round. Larry was .056 on the tree and ran 5.53 over a 5.49 for the win. Mike was a bit late at .133 on the light and to make up for it ran 6.37 under a 6.41 dial. Neither strategy worked and Mike had to settle for runner up.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Jon Blackshear from Breckenridge got past last years champion Robby Bowermaster and scored the win in Street. Both had nearly identical lights but at the finish Jon stayed over his 9.18 dial with a 9.35 ET. Robby's truck got happy and broke out, running 8.44 under his 8.46 dial. Bet if Robby hits the brakes with those big truck tires, that truck would just stop right there.
More pictures may be available at this raceabilene.com link.