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TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO (BOX): It was getting late, the money was right and there's nothing better than a race on a Saturday night. Super Pro decided to split the pot and call it win-win. Jeremy Smith and Tanner Thorp were the last two left in the class. Jeremy went .019 and 4.797 over 4.78 against Rusty Rose to earn his side of the final pair. That Rusty broke out by .0053 helped a bit there, especially since Rusty lit up Jeremy with a .0078 light. Tanner was .016, and drove 4.685 over a 4.67 to get past Bill Simpkins in the semis. Bill made Tanner work for it as Tanner got the stripe first by only .0059.
13 SINS RACECRAFT NO-BOX: Aaron Cadena took the win in No Box and along the way, carried several family members in need of prayers and mercy. Aarons Uncle and two Aunts are battling cancer. The Never Give Up banner on Aaron's car was echoed in his drive to win as he spent most of the day killing the tree and running the dial. The final round against 2017 Track Champion Benny Gossett was typical - killer lights and dead on. Aaron clipped the tree with a .006 and finished dead on 5.928 against a 5.92 dial. Benny was .029 on the start and dead on 5.66 with a 9.
MAX'S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Makenzie Hunt took the win in Jr thanks to a barely red light from Grant Chittum. Grant went -.004 red to score the instant runner up position. Makenzie ran it out to a 7.94 dead on with a 7 so Grant needed a good light anyway. It was just a little too good this time.
MAX'S KAWSAKI MOTORCYCLE: Jeramy Tally took the win in the bike class, getting the better of Chris Clawson in the final round. Jeramy hit a .069 light and road to a final 6.22 over a 6.07 dial. Chris left a bit late with a .162 light and was off the dial, finishing 7.84 over his 7.63.
BIG COUNTRY STREET ELIMINATOR: Steve Bowles got the win in Street, getting past last year's champion Robby Bowermaster on the last pass. Steve was a bit off the dial, finishing with a 8.10 against a 7.97 on the window. Robby had the better light of the pair but was even farther off the dial by crossing the stripe at 8.67, well over his 8.36 dial.